Time Warp Makeovers
Nate and Oprah talk about country clutter.
Is your home drowning in cutesy crafts and country knickknacks? If there is currently a cow in your kitchen or a dried flower arrangement in your living room—you may be in violation of country clutter! Nate Berkus says this old-fashioned design is the number one decorating style that needs an update.

"There was a time when [country] was really considered cute," Oprah says. "Time has moved on!"

Nate says that your home décor needs to be updated the same way your hairstyle needs to be updated. "Look at the pictures of your hair when you got married. And then look at your living room," he says. Unless you've updated your home's style since then, Nate says, "your living room is wearing blue eye shadow!"

To help America break free of its old ways, Nate headed out to make over two lucky viewers' homes that were stuck in a time trap.