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After being banished from their home for eight days, Margie and John return to a home that went from country to au current! It took 23 workers, seven trucks of furniture and 20 gallons of paint, but Nate has transformed their country rut into an updated living space he calls "California chic." Seeing the new family room for the first time, Margie says, "This is so far from country, Nate—this is amazing. It's beautiful!"

"It's so warm too, it just has such a warm and comfortable feeling to it," John says.

The sea foam carpet was replaced by new hardwood floors by Lowe's, and Nate painted the ceiling a vibrant green. "People are like, 'Oh my ceiling has to be white'—it really doesn't," he says.

The tiny sofas and big mauve chair are replaced by two cane-backed chairs by Wisteria and a large sofa by Williams-Sonoma Home. "I really wanted you guys to have a sectional, because I wanted as many people piled in here as possible," Nate says.

The walls are now covered with a natural woven material that Nate says adds texture to the room. Replacing the floral drapes are natural, woven bamboo shades.

The 15-year-old television is replaced with a new flatscreen by Sony, which is built into a bookcase adding symmetry to the room and a place to store all Margie and John's family photos.
FROM: Nate's Time Warp Decorating Rescue
Published on October 10, 2007


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