Nate Berkus
  • Try hanging a mirror over the mantle, and use candles to reflect the light. Ivory-colored candles look great in clear glass vases. Keep the candles in place by filling the vases with rocks for winter and sand in summer.
  • Don't use pictures, clocks, or plants on a mantle. It looks too cluttered.
  • Unless you have a library, bookshelves should not be filled entirely with books.
  • Break up books with interesting items: travel souvenirs, mismatched picture frames, or a collection of something you love.
  • On your dresser, use two lamps for balance and symmetry.
  • Don't display your lotions and creams on the dresser. If you need to store something, keep it in an attractive box or basket.
  • Use candles within a reflective glass. It casts a romantic glow.

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