Nate Berkus
Everyone's favorite decorator is back with helpful advice on how to make your home more "you"! Joined by his friend and manager, Kristin, and fellow Oprah Radio host Jean Chatzky, Nate shares ways to decorate a college dorm room, how to find online shopping deals, and how to figure out which "white" is right. Plus, Nate reveals the single most important adjective you'll ever use to describe your home.

  • If you rent an apartment or live in a dorm room that restricts what you can attach to your walls, Nate says you can still add color and style with this simple decorating trick. Hold a beautiful bed sheet or piece of fabric up to a blank wall, and cover liberally with household spray starch. The spray starch, which can be found at drugstores and is typically used for clothing, affixes the fabric to the wall as it dries. Nate says it won't come down until you peel it off, and it won't damage the wall.
  • The internet, Nate says, is one of your best friends when it comes to finding great decorating deals. When searching for items, consider the country of origin. For example, most silk is produced in Thailand, so search for Thai silk. Instead of buying ready-made curtains, save some cash by buying a bolt of fabric directly from the manufacturer online and making your own.
  • There are literally thousands of variations of white wall paints—so how can you tell which white is right for you? Nate says the only sure way to know is to buy quart-size samples of your favorites, then paint 2-foot-by 2-foot test patches in different areas. Nate also recommends an egg shell or flat finish on walls, and a semi-gloss on trim and doors.
  • What's the true mark of great decor? Nate says there's nothing more beautiful than a happy home, and he discovers Jean Chatzky is right on the money. "My house is very happy," Jean says. Following your decorating bliss takes time—Jean says it wasn't until after her divorce that she arrived at hers. Now her home is "cozy and filled with lots of nooks and crannies," she says.
When making design decisions, always exercise common sense and safe judgment. The opinions expressed by the hosts, guests and callers to Oprah Radio are strictly their own.


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