"You've go to try the beet salad. They serve it with this terrific house-made vinaigrette,” Nate Berkus says. We're settling in with lunch menus at the New York City restaurant that's kitty-corner to the building where he's just finished decorating his new home away from home. 

Go inside Nate's West Village walk-up.

And while it should surprise no one that a man like Nate offers up design-for-living recommendations on a dime—it's a short leap from window dressing to salad dressing—it is amazing to witness how quickly this Chicago boy has been able to pick up the local slang, blend in, and come across as a true-blue, born-and-raised New Yorker. Not only does he know precisely what appetizer to order in just the right neighborhood spot, but he's also managed to create a home for himself that would have anyone believe he's been living in Manhattan for decades.

Watch the apartment renovation—from start to finish.Watch

Nate's Top 10 Home Resources Here's where Nate found almost everything—from knickknacks to towel racks—for his new home.
  1. Architectural Artifacts, Chicago
    773-348-0622; archartifacts.com
  2. Broadway Antique Market, Chicago
    773-743-5444; bamchicago.com
  3. Casati Gallery, Chicago
    312-421-9905; casatigallery.com
  4. Center44, New York City
    212-450-7988; center44.com
  5. 1stDibs, online, 1stdibs.com
  6. Linens 'n Things, nationwide
    866-568-7378; lnt.com
  7. Paula Rubenstein Ltd., New York City
  8. Paul Bert Market, Paris
  9. Pavilion Antiques, Chicago
    773-645-0924; pavilionantiques.com
  10. Scout, Chicago
    773-275-5700; scoutchicago.com


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