Vern Yip and Carter Oosterhouse surprise a couple.

Lauri says her furniture is old and her husband Chris would rather play his Xbox than pick up a toolbox. So we sent Trading Spaces' Vern Yip and Carter Oosterhouse to repair her decorating disaster.
In a loft, tall ceilings and great walls leave a lot to be desired.

High ceilings leave large blank white walls that overwhelm Lauri and Chris when it comes to dec?r. Designer Vern Yip has a plan to transform their blank slate into the focal point of the room
A bold red striped wall adds warmth to a loft

Vern painted one wall with red stripes, alternating gloss and flat paint.

"We did this striped effect to make this whole wall a piece of art," says Vern. "We stacked these photos vertically and it really accentuates the architecture of your space."
Say goodbye to paper blinds, crowded spaces and raggedy furniture.

Say goodbye to paper blinds, crowded spaces and raggedy furniture...
Warm colors and rich textures in a new loft

...and say hello to a more sophisticated space!

Vern added warmer colors and rich textures with new furniture and a rug from Crate and Barrel (, and beautiful drapes from Pottery Barn (
Old entertainment center

Lauri and Chris had outgrown their storage and needed a new solution for their entertainment center and Lauri's books. Carpenter Carter Oosterhouse had a plan...
Fashion, function and flat screen storage

Carter tossed their cluttered entertainment center for this striking built-in wall unitcomplete with a new flat screen TV from Best Buy (
Aerial view of loft before

Remember Chris and Lauri's lofted room before?
Dramatic lighting completes Vern Yip and Carter Oosterhouse's makeover.

Take a look at it now! You can really see the difference the dramatic lighting from Highlighters from Atlanta ( makes!

Vern says, "Lighting isn't just about having light in a space, it should be beautiful too."
Vern Yip and Carter Oostenhouse and happy loft owners

After 14 hours of non-stop grueling work, Vern and Carter finally had a masterpiece. But what do Lauri and Chris think?

"For once I don't know what to say!" Lauri says laughing. "I can't believe it, this is not our place!"


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