Bathroom Tip Sheet

Credits: Photographs by Sang An, styling by Sam Cook

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Bathroom Tip Sheet
  • For the most flattering light, place sconces to either side of the mirror above your sink, 5 to 10 inches from the mirror's edges and about 66 inches above the floor, suggests lighting designer and event planner Derrick Roberts.
  • "The key to bathroom lighting is that it should resemble daylight as much as possible," says Derrick. "If the bathroom doesn't have proper lighting, women will look like circus performers after applying their makeup."
  • Derrick outlines mirrors with golf-ball-size light bulbs for an old-Hollywood feeling. "It's decorative and functional at the same time," he says.
  • "Or you can create a halo of lights around the mirror, lighting your face without any shadows, he says. (For instance, frame a mirror's top and sides using three sconces like the No. 2.)

  1. This Mission-inspired lamp's matte glass shades emit a soft glow ($159, Restoration Hardware).
  2. Discrete and streamlined, this sconce works well in a modern setting ($139, Robert Abbey Inc.).
  3. Laura Kirar's Deco-style light imparts retro glamour ($1,242, Kallista).
  4. Crisp angles and a black shade define a standard shape ($316, Waterworks).
  5. A pretty pleated shade plus beaded trim equals a feminine fixture ($2,260, Urban Archaeology).
  6. A headlight plays off a nautical theme ($181, Circa Lighting).
  7. This vanity mirror by Miroir Brot Paris is a big investment, but you'll never look better ($6,495, French Reflection). It gleams atop a black glass side table ($925, Waterworks). Gibson girl wallpaper, York Wallcoverings, through Sonia's Place.

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