Nate Berkus on finding your style
Nate's Home Rules

Give a person a fabulous room, and she'll be thrilled for about a decade. Teach a person to design her own fabulous living room, and she'll be thrilled for life! Home Rules, Nate's exceedingly user-friendly guide to "transforming the place you live into a place you'll love," is the next best thing to having Oprah's favorite design expert at your side.

A trusted friend, excellent shrink, and wise philosopher, Nate not only walks readers through inspiring before and after photos, he leads you into a series of questions created to get you thoroughly acquainted with the one person who, like it or not, has to live with your style choices for the long haul—you.

Grab a piece of paper and take Nate's questionnaire.
Credits: Photographs from Home Rules by Nate Berkus, copyright © by Nate Berkus, published by Hyperion


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