Jennifer Aniston hosting friends for a dinner party

Photo: François Halard

Fan Club
Jennifer Aniston's friends rave about the food made by her chefs, Jill and Jewels Elmore (standing). And the praise flows both ways. "It's wonderful to cook for them," says Jewels. "The are so open to fresh, beautiful food, and the care you take preparing it."
Jennifer Aniston toasting with friends at her LA home

Photo: François Halard

Toasting the Chefs
Jen's friends call the chefs to the table. Kristin Hahn, Jen's partner in Echo Films, raises her glass to Jewels and Jill. "I want to thank you two," she says, "for infusing your warmth into this food. It doesn't just taste good; it tastes of love."

Jewels and Jill Elmore cooking in Jennifer Aniston's kitchen

Photo: François Halard

We Are Family
"Jewels [left] and I have always wanted to work together," says Jill. "We don't compete; we inspire each other."
Jennifer Aniston serving salad to Kristin Hahn

Photo: François Halard

Along Came...Tostadas
Kristin Hahn (left) and Ellen Rakieten (center) drop by regularly to recharge themselves with girl talk—and dishes like cavolo nero and cabbage tostadas.

Mandy Ingber, Jennifer Meyer, Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, and Kristin Hahn talking on a veranda

Photo: François Halard

Open Invitation
Good food has helped make Jen's house a place where friends love to gather. "One of my favorite things is to create a happy environment for people," says Jen, with (from left) Mandy Ingber, Jennifer Meyer, Courteney Cox, and Kristin Hahn.

Jill and Jewels Elmore and Jennifer Aniston in the kitchen

Photo: François Halard

Kitchen Confidential
The Elmores opened Jen's eyes to the benefits of eating wholesome, real food—and to the pleasure of hanging out by the stove while it's being prepared. "Jewels and Jill are like girlfriends," says Jen. Adds Jewels, "We solve all our life problems in here."

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