Nate Berkus answers your decorating questions
Interior designer Nate Berkus helps you tackle tough projects with style.

Question: How can I keep to a budget?
Answer: You can find a lot of reasonable buys at Wal-Mart. But one key to making it on a budget is by donating your time and labor to the project. Do-it-yourself projects will always help you save.

Question: What kind of paint should I use on wood?
Answer: You can use any kind of paint. What's important is your primer. There are special primers you can buy that will help your paint adhere to almost any surface—even vinyl!

Question: Can I mix painted and stained interiors?
Answer: Absolutely. Just be careful what you paint the interior. If part of your interior is stained, use a cream or tan paint instead of white. And make sure you coordinate colors.

Question: Is it out-of-style to paint my bedroom burgundy?
Answer: Color is a very personal thing. You need to make sure to choose a color that makes you happy. But I don't recommend accent walls—choose a color you can live with on all four walls.

Question: How can I maximize space in a studio apartment?
Answer: Utilize your wall space. Find a cabinet that can hide your bed—anything to provide you more access to the room. Also, don't put a lot of pattern into the room. Keep it simple.

Question: What should I do in the nursery…besides pastel?
Answer: Heritage colors like red, forest green or navy blue are very hot right now! They're warm colors and bright enough so your child can grow into them.

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