Henry and apartment

A 750-square-foot Harlem home
Interior architect Henry Mitchell lives in Manhattan, where space is at a premium. "My entire apartment is only 750 square feet, but I love it," he says.

"This is my bedroom, which I've turned into a lounge—my comfort zone," he continues.
Henry and wardrobe

Inventive Closet Doors
To save space while maintaining a clean, welcoming atmosphere, Henry decided against using traditional closet doors for his wardrobe storage.

"These linen drapes aren't hiding a window," he explains. They're actually the closet doors to his wardrobe. Using fabric softens the rooms and saves space, Henry says.

These striking chairs might look expensive, but they were actually found at bargain prices. Henry paid just $100 for the chairs, and then he wrapped one with twine to create a seating area.
Henry and apartment

A Hidden Bed
Since Henry used the apartment's bedroom as his lounge, where does he sleep? Why, in the hallway closet, of course!

Like his wardrobe, Henry's bed is hidden behind curtains. "The hall closet is the perfect size for my bed," he says.
Henry and apartment

Henry's bed was a low-cost creation. He bought four doors from a hardware store. Then, he used two to make a headboard and two to form the bed's platform. The platform rests on inverted trash bins!
Henry and apartment

A 'Spacious' Home
From the lounging space to the sleeping space, Henry Mitchell's apartment feels much bigger than it is.

Henry reveals his shopping secrets.


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