How to Paint Patterns
  • Pattern sample
  • Paint in appropriate colors
  • Chalk and level to draw lines
  • Tape that will resist paint
  • Paint rollers of various sizes
  • Stiff bristled brush
How to Paint Patterns
  • Find a sample of a pattern you like.
  • Paint base coat if necessary.
  • Decide on the size of your pattern.
  • Recreate the pattern on your walls using chalk.
  • To guarantee a straight line, apply tape edge to chalk line.
  • Complete one wall at a time!
  • Paint horizontal lines first; when dry, remove tape and paint vertical lines.
  • To get the effect of fabric, drag a stiff bristle brush drag it through the wet paint.
  • To get lighter stripes, dilute the paint with glaze.
  • Remember, any place you have taped will preserve the color prior to its application.

See a demonstration