The ambush

Ashamed by their pitiful lawn, Jill and Bill were actually trying to kill what was left of their plants! But Nate saw something promising behind the mud, rocks and chipped paint.

A very surprised Jill agreed to keep her family away until Nate was done working his magic!
New paint

Out with the old and in with the new! First, Nate got rid of that exterior paint. It was chipping, peeling and had to go. He replaced it with a nice natural driftwood gray-green color and painted the bricks the same.

Nate picked a rich-looking midnight gray for the trim, garage, sconces and new shutters (to enhance the windows). He traded the old front door for one that is insulated and sturdy...he even changed the mailbox!
Lawn before

Before, the lawn was lifeless. Dead weeds, sickly looking shrubs, barren window boxes—so sad!
Lawn after

Nate and his crew ripped out the entire yard! Now trees, shrubs, and vines border the property. Beautiful flowers fill the window boxes. Below the bay window was once a dead spot. Now it's alive with Japanese lilac, evergreens and shrubs. The whole yard is blooming!

The old walkway up to the house has found a new path...Nate designed two separate walkways using bluestone. New steps, beautiful stone planters and a wonderful stone bench create a grand entrance past a flowering tree, ferns and hydrangea.

This was Jill and Bill's home before...

…and this is their home now! Jill and Bill can't wait to get home!


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