Home Upgrades on a Budget
Zigi and Yusef Edmonds with their daughters
Across the country, real estate experts say America's housing bubble is deflating, making it more difficult for homeowners to sell. Zigi and Yusef Edmonds are desperate for help selling their three-bedroom townhouse in California.

In 2005, Yusef took a year off work to pursue the family's dream of starting their own children's video production company, but things did not go according to plan financially. "We poured all of our money into making our first video," Zigi says. "So we've run up credit cards and we're in huge debt now. And so now we don't have the money to keep the house."

Zigi and Yusef did some renovating, but took the home off the market after six months of no luck.

To complicate an already stressful situation, Zigi was diagnosed with a brain tumor. "If we were able to sell the house, it would be a huge load off our shoulders," Zigi says.

With a budget of only $10,000 and a three-day time limit, we send interior designer Nate Berkus and outdoor design pro Jamie Durie to the rescue!