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Tip #3: Make small repairs or buyers will think there are big problems
The next step is to fix some small problems. Otherwise, buyers might think there's something wrong with the house!

Zigi and Yusef's kitchen floor had taken a bit of a beating after Yusef tried to replace the dishwasher. He took a chunk out of the wood laminate in the process. The kitchen also needed to be regrouted.

"When you're going to buy a house and you see a problem like holes in the floor next to the dishwasher, I immediately thought the whole place is leaking, there's water damage. What else could be wrong with this place?" Nate says. "So these are repairs that you definitely have to make when you're selling your home."

The pros at Lowe's taught Zigi how to snap in the wood laminate floor herself, and she even regrouted her countertops on her own. So how much damage did these quick repairs do to the budget? Only $64!
FROM: Nate's New $10,000 Challenge
Published on January 01, 2006


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