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With a new home and a fresh start, Bernadette and her family say they are thankful that their wildest dreams have come true. But, there is one more dream that Oprah wants to make come true for Bernadette's children, nieces and nephews.

"This is what I would like to say to every one of the children in this family," Oprah tells the family. "I believe that having a house is a wonderful thing and now you all have a beautiful house. I think having wonderful things is really a nice thing to have in life. But the most important thing in your life will be your ability to take responsibility for your life, and I believe that education is freedom. So I want you guys to promise me that you will do everything in your power to do the best that you can in school, and then, I will personally—not the Angel Network, not my foundation—I will make sure that each of you gets the college education that you deserve."

And that's a promise!

Special thanks and products used in Bernadette's new home
FROM: Nate Reveals His Wildest Dream Makeover
Published on January 01, 2006


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