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Despite temptation, Bernadette promised Nate she wouldn't drive by her house or sneak a peek before her surprise home makeover was complete. Finally, that day arrived!

"We couldn't be happier to be doing this for somebody as special as you are," Nate says to Bernadette. "Because you know what you put out there comes back. … And this is your day to get it all back."

With tears running down her cheeks, Bernadette stepped into her redesigned home for the first time. Everything was transformed into a warm, comfortable space. "This is the stuff that you only see on the TV or in a book," Bernadette says. "But I'm in it now. This is beautiful."

No details were spared in this home sweet home! Bernadette's triple pane glass Pella Designer Series Windows are one of the most energy efficient windows available, which will save her money during the long, cold Chicago winters. Also, the operators to raise and lower the blinds and shades in Pella Designer Series are cordless, so they are safer for Bernadette's nine children! And, other window shades throughout the house are virtually dust and allergen free because they are built in between two panes of glass.

"This house represents more than just a house filled with beautiful things," Nate says. "It's not furniture. It's not paint. What it is is telling these children they are counted. They are heard. They are valued. That's what this experience is really all about."
FROM: Nate Reveals His Wildest Dream Makeover
Published on January 01, 2006


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