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A self-proclaimed "master Dumpster diver," Sally furnishes her Nevada City, California, home with items from unexpected places. "I love going to salvage yards and finding things that people have cast off," she says.

From major furniture pieces to small decorative touches, Sally's home is a testament to her philosophy that, "One person's trash is another person's treasure." In her kitchen, she created an island for food preparation using a garage sale-bought antique bottle washer with a butcher block on top. To modify the look of her once-white refrigerator, Sally covered the doors with two sheets of metal, giving them the look of stainless steel.

Salvage yards provided some of the most unique items in Sally's home, including a church pew and a piece she turned into a sliding door. To decorate the banister along her stairway, she ordered panels from an agricultural catalogue that were meant to cage livestock.

Sally's reuse-it attitude spreads to the master bedroom, which holds a $2 garage sale side table and an armoire found at a consignment store for $300. In the master bathroom, she made the garage sale bathtub her own by sandblasting it and painting it red.
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Published on November 13, 2007


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