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Dave's imaginative, playful designs for his children's bedrooms earned him an honorable mention in the O at Home contest. The Salt Lake City father of four created fantasy suites to inspire the imaginations of his kids.

In his son Charlie's room, David made two closets on either side of the bed into towers supporting a toy train track . "The joke is that my son sleeps underneath a bridge," David says. "We kind of laugh about that. I hope he doesn't sleep under a bridge for the rest of his life!"

David paid great attention to detail in the bedroom of his daughter, Lily, contrasting the black trim with a delicate pink paint. To soften the effect, he made panels using light fabric, black ribbons and pink rosettes. For a finishing touch, David added sparkling beads to a chandelier suspended from the ceiling. "I wanted something that she could grow into," he says.

The classic children's book The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe provided David with the inspiration behind the bedroom shared by his two oldest sons. When they open the closet, they see a false backing that pulls aside to reveal a full-sized, walk-in closet for extra storage. "This is the most creative time in a person's life and things are just so fresh to them, so I want to create rooms and environments that kind of keep that alive," David says.
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Published on November 13, 2007


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