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When he saw the contest submission from Kirsten Hollister, Nate says he immediately knew she would be a winner. Her Minneapolis, Minnesota, home is inspired by the two years she and her husband lived in Switzerland.

While living in Europe, Kirsten says she learned some important design concepts. First, they are adept at mixing old and new items. Second, they aren't afraid of wear and tear. "Don't worry about nicking it or chipping it," she says. "It's called patina." Third, they know how to boldly decorate a small room—what's considered small in America is actually quite large "across the pond."

Take a tour of Kirsten's European-influenced home.

"What I thought was so great about it was Kirsten decided what her style was, and knew it very well, and continued that through the entire home. It's very, very consistent," Nate says. "I thought she had a beautiful mix of old and new things as well, which is one of my favorite things to do. I wouldn't change anything about her house. I thought it was just beautiful."
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Published on November 13, 2007