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Nate's second stop is the San Mateo, California, home of Kimberly Dellamonica, which she's decorated with a tropical resort theme. "We just traveled to resorts and we saw things we liked," Kimberly says. "We just tried to bring them home and incorporate it into our home."

Normally Nate says he doesn't like when people decorate their homes around a theme—but he loves Kimberly's home.

Take a tour with Nate of Kimberly's resort-themed home.

"The reason I usually don't like themed decorating is that people think you buy like the little soap dish that looks like Bali and then you've got like this Balinese room," Nate says. "But what they did in their home—which I thought was so amazing—was they decided what their theme was and they took every detail into account, even the architecture. They even replaced the doors and distressed the wood on the cabinets and put those stones in the threshold."
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Published on November 13, 2007


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