closet before

Photo: David Tsay

1. The Confusing Hall-Closet-Slash-Vanity Thingie
The Problem Area
A teetering pileup of binders, papers, gadgets, sunglasses, and miscellanea, all hidden from sight by a curtain.

The Fix
A clean, compact workspace for sorting mail and using the computer.

See how Peter transformed the vanity
bedroom nook

Photo: David Tsay

2. The Messy, Forgotten Bedroom Nook
The Problem Area
A random square of extra space lurking at the back of a child's room, attracting toys and clutter.

The Fix
A cool, comfortable enclave for reading before bed.

See how Peter transformed the unused bedroom corner

Photo: David Tsay

3. The Asymmetrical Under-the-Staircase Junk Repository
The Problem Area
An awkwardly shaped closet stuffed to the gills with everything from tennis rackets to batteries.

The Fix
An organized storage space for often-used household items.

See how Peter transformed the closet

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