Photo: Pamu; Prop Stylist: Kaytlin Duross

Her Bedroom Before
Dark and busy, this space needed an injection of bright color to make it a relaxing sanctuary.

Photo: Pamu; Prop Stylist: Kaytlin Duross

Her Bedroom After
Designers Edward Cardimona, Brenda Greving and Dale Eramo wanted to experiment with color, design and texture. They started by replacing Santangelo's nightstands with sleeker pieces they found hidden in the living room. Then the team swapped out her traditional comforter for a crisp, white coverlet and shams. To top off the bed and make it the focal point of the room, they added a bright, floral-patterned duvet, beaded throw pillows and sky blue sheets. Streamlined accent pieces—like clear bedside lamps, cream window treatments and a black leather bench—give the room a more modern feel. For an artistic finish, they camouflaged her antique chandelier by wrapping it with nonflammable gauze and added peel-and-stick wall art for instant flair.

Want to cover your overhead light? The DVF crew recommends replacing regular bulbs with ones that don't emit heat, covering the fixture with a lampshade and winding flameproof fabric around it.

Shop this room: Floral Batik bedding (duvet and sham), $90–$250. Twig Matelasse coverlet and shams in White, $230 for coverlet, $100 per sham. Batik Beaded pillow in Light Teal and Coral, $80 each. Twig Matelasse European shams in Cream Leaf, $110 each. Batik Dot sheets and pillowcases in Bahama Blue, $80–$110.
Dining room

Photo: Pamu; Prop Stylist: Kaytlin Duross

Her Dining Room Before
Heavy drapes made the room feel dark and unwelcoming. Plus, there was no storage space for plates or glasses.
Dining Room

Photo: Pamu; Prop Stylist: Kaytlin Duross

Her Dining Room After
Von Furstenberg's team added sheer window coverings to make this area feel warm and inviting. A wooden hutch gives Santangelo easy access to her bright DVF dishes, cups and cutlery while she's entertaining. The dark, durable rug anchors the room but doesn't easily reveal spills and dirt.

Shop this room: Floral Batik dinnerware, $18–$110. Pebblestone dinnerware in Sea Salt White, $13–$90. Pebblestone dinnerware in Avocado Green, $13–$90. Powerstone dinnerware in Sea Salt White, $13–$70. Powerstone dinnerware in Avocado Green, $13–$70. Rattan Wrap charger, $50 each. Gold Leaf Wood three-piece salad set, $180. Gold Leaf Wood napkin rings, $40. Space Dye napkins in Cream and Green, $10 each. High Rise stemware, $60.00 for set of four. Sandstone drinkware, $85 for set of four. Opening Night drinkware, $80 for set of four. Night flatware in Gold and Silver, $80-$105. Powerstone flatware, $60 for five-piece place setting. Vintage throw, $300.
O sweepstakes winner

Photo: Pamu; Prop Stylist: Kaytlin Duross

The Happy (and Stylish) Ending
"I couldn't believe how gorgeous everything looked," says Santangelo. "Before it was a hodgepodge of stuff with no flair." And her rescue dog, Titan, appreciates the new space as much as his owner. "He hangs out in my new bedroom and sleeps in my bed every night," she adds.

Satangelo's hair and makeup courtesy of Greg and Tony Salon, Westport, Connecticut. Dress and scarf: Both DVF.

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