Cutting Off Hidden Cameras
  • Be aware that portable cameras can be used in crowds, like malls, beaches, parks or gyms. They are often hidden in duffel or gym bags.
  • Spy stores sell special portable cameras with tiny lenses hidden in hats, eyeglass frames, shirt buttons and pens.
  • Cell phones equipped with cameras are being used to secretly take pictures of women undressing. A common target is the gym.
  • Fixed cameras are more elaborate and invasive. Voyeurs pick a location, hide the camera, and wait for you to come to them.
  • Hotels, locker rooms, dressing rooms and bathrooms are common hiding places for fixed cameras.
  • Other common locations for fixed cameras are above toilets and beds. In some cases, landlords have planted cameras and put the footage on pornographic websites.
  • Fixed cameras can also be disguised as common household items: inside clock radios, smoke detectors, picture frames, lamps, tissue boxes and even stuffed animals.
  • If you're concerned about privacy in a bedroom or bathroom, examine all items and search for any small holes or openings. If you see glass, it could be a lens.
  • The best test is to make sure the product does what it should. For instance, cameras disguised as clock radios won't play music.
  • If you become suspicious that someone is recording you with a hidden camera, report it to the police.

Candice DeLong
A former FBI agent, Candice DeLong is the crime expert on Lifetime's What Should You Do? The show airs Saturdays at 11 p.m. ET.

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