1. $1
Add this to your buy-in-bulk list: a stylish little notebook, with a pebbled faux-leather cover, that costs less than a pack of gum. 

HomeGoods; 800-614-4663 for stores


2. $4 
The real wonder of these Alice-themed pulp-board coasters isn't the old-fashioned drawings or the price (for a set of 12!); it's the message they telegraph: "Drink me."


3. $5 each
A postcard may not seem like much, but once you've stitched on a sentimental journey (honeymoon road trip, perhaps?), it becomes instantly frame-worthy. 

Sweet Bella;
Playing cards


4. $5.50
Practice your poker face with 52 classic falsehoods in Umbra's Pack of Lies playing-card deck. Some of the lines ("It's delicious, I'm just not that hungry.") seem especially apropos this time of year. 

Battaglia's Home; 201-798-1122
Elephant tray


5. $6
Combining a veritable sampler of patterns and a color palette that feels simultaneously modern and nostalgic, Ikea's laminated-cardboard tray costs, yes, mere peanuts. 

13 by 13 inches;
Glass stemware


6. $7 each
With stemware this beautiful, even convenience-store bubbly is elevated to toast-worthy status. Priced like plastic, but made from vivid jewel-toned glass, these elegant vessels belie their chain-store accessibility.
Alarm clocks

7. $9.50 each
There's something to be said for an object that looks like a cartoon version of itself. These small, colorful windup alarm clocks from Pearl River Mart pack an iconic-design wallop, while also, you know, actually waking you up in the morning.

3.25 inches tall;
Jute placemat

8. $10
A graceful graphic outline refines a rough-around-the-edges jute placemat; the border acts as a sly frame for culinary masterpieces.

Glass magnets

9. $11 each
Fringe's glass transferware magnets recall chandelier prisms—a glamorous upgrade for any refrigerator note.
Ceramic toast dish

10. $12
Have a dry-humored mother-in-law? Try buttering her up with Fred & Friends's ceramic toast dish.
Gingerbread man cookie cutters

11. $12.50
A trio of clever cookie cutters underscores the life-and-limb perils of being a delicious gingerbread man.
Melamine tray

12. $13
John Derian's sometimes-dark, always-beautiful, nature-themed trays go melamine (and, thus, affordable) in his new collection for Target. 

9 by 12 inches;
Pocket mirror

13. $14
A monogrammed brass pocket mirror suggests forethought (even if you picked it up on the fly) and comes with its own embroidered linen pouch.
White glass candlesticks

14. $18
As if the slender, universally appealing shape of these white glass candlesticks wasn't enough, they're also hand-blown—and this low price is for all three. for stores
Bone china perfume bottle

15. $20
The rare gift that might excite both your grandmother and your teenage daughter, this bone china perfume bottle could also hold bath salts or a stash of paper clips.
Oprah ornament

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Oprah chose her favorite affordable presents, plus we found gifts for everyone on your list—and it's all under $100. Start shopping The O List (Holiday Edition) right here!


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