Nate Berkus

A home isn't just a place to live—it's also a place to display and honor some of the things that mean the most to you. Oprah Radio host Nate Berkus gives you an inside look at some of his prized possessions he keeps in his Chicago home and the reasons they're so special to him.
Leather daybed

Nate adores his distressed 1950s leather daybed. It was the first piece of furniture Nate purchased for himself while studying in France. He says it brings back memories of listening to a Walkman and walking to class.
Nate Berkus's dining room

Nate's dining room is a place where he showcases many of the items he's picked up in different countries. Nate has bowls from Mexico, horse sculptures from his apartment in New York and the one house plant he was able to keep alive. The pair of lamps was brought back from Italy. He changed the lampshades more than five times in order to find the perfect size for the bases.

One of Nate's most prized possessions is this handmade pineapple he found in the Central Highlands of Mexico. Some of the leaves are missing because they broke off during the shipping process. In some areas of the world, a pineapple stands for good luck and means "welcome."
Nate Berkus' library

Nate enjoys being surrounded by books, and he spends most of his time in the library. A library simply can be a room with books in it—it doesn't have to be anything lavish, he says. All the books on the ottoman were gifts from authors or close friends.
Nate Berkus' kitchen

In the center of Nate's kitchen is an old French architect table. Nate says he loves that the wood is distressed because it tells a story.
God Bless America Artwork

On one wall, Nate has grouped some of his favorite pieces of art.

The picture of the cactus was given to Nate by his late partner, Fernando Bengoechea. Next to it is a naturally shed tortoise shell, which reminds Nate of the tortoise shell that hung above the fireplace in his childhood home.

The piece titled "God Bless America" was created by a Spanish artist. Nate says it reminds him that it's important to be a citizen of the world.


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