Jamie Durie
Down Under designer Jamie Durie makes over Oprah's neighbors' balconies and shares his gardening tips and favorite flowers so you can give your own outdoor space a makeover.

How to Plant Your Own Flower Box

Choose a planter that matches your railing. Jamie covered a timber box in copper, so when it oxygenated, the patina would match Oprah's neighbors' green railings.
  • Put a little soil in the bottom of the planter.
  • Choose plants based on their shape. Jamie starts with a spillover plant called the bacopa.
  • Arrange your plants as you would arrange flowers. Jamie used volcano phlox and pink breast cancer geraniums.
  • Mix a little bit of sphagnum moss and some fabric around the base of the plant. That will help absorb all the nutrients in the water and keep them inside the soil.
  • Water once a week!