Flea market booth with jewelry

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Everything Is Within Reach
If there's one thing that I know well, it's the art of stringing together a day's worth of errands. When I take on a design project, I have to jet from the bookstore to the hardware shop to the lamp store and back again just to collect a small portion of the many items I need to fill a home. But, when you hit the flea market, they're all right there. From booth to booth, you have the bases covered. One vendor might have a great collection of lamps, while 10 steps away, another vendor has so many amazing Danish case goods (sorry, a true obsession of mine), you think you'll lose your mind! I find myself poring over the endless jewelry cases, looking for gifts for my mom and sister and talking to that one man who has an uncanny knack for finding the most amazing boxes (yet another thing I can't pass up!). Spending three hours at the flea market takes years off my endless list of to-dos.


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