Kathy Ireland
Supermodel and businesswoman Kathy Ireland says everyone has a personal style—it's just a matter of discovering it. Take an exclusive look inside the home she built and decorated to see her style at work!

Kathy Ireland's Design Solutions
  • Find an anchor for your room. Choose a piece in a color you love—a rug, a painting, a quilt—and unleash your personal style. Pull those colors into the walls and other room decorations.
  • Give your room a vacation. Choose a style you love, Hawaiian, Caribbean or spicy Latin, and then choose the furnishings, accessories and fixtures for your home in colors that support that style.
  • Don't worry about decorating yourself into a corner—when you choose the right products, you can mix, match and change them easily.
  • Consider the entire family when you're putting a room together. Blending masculine and feminine elements makes everyone comfortable. If you have a big masculine bed, choose soft, feminine linens and pillows.
  • Choose furniture pieces that are designed and built for children. You'll make any room a family room in the truest sense of the word.
  • Don't be afraid of color. It's one of the fastest ways to change a room. Paint and flooring can give dramatic results quickly. When you're not feeling bold, your home can become very beige. You can start small—choose one wall to paint, and use accent pieces in the same color family.


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