Dishes in dishwasher

Tips for Machine Dishwashing

  • Set the dishwasher on the low temperature or eco mode. Our products work effectively in the eco-mode if you have an older model machine; make sure to choose a machine that’s rated high for energy and water efficiency if you ever need to replace it.

  • Fully load the dishwasher before running it. This makes the most of the energy, water and detergents used each time. Once loaded, try using Cascade Complete® Pacs since they combine the best of powder and gel in one pac to power away 24-hour, stuck-on food.

  • Maintain regular maintenance on your dishwasher to make sure water spouts are not blocked and that it’s running at its most efficient. Not sure how? Get tips for dishwasher maintenance. You can save water by skipping the pre-wash. Simply scrape off large food remnants and let your dishwasher and our powerful dish detergents do the dirty work.

    More Tips Reduce the amount of heat you use by setting your dishwasher to "no heat" or "energy saver" during the drying cycle. Even without heat, you’ll still get great drying with our rinse aid products.

    Try running your dishwasher in the evening during off-peak energy demand hours. Using Cascade ActionPacs™ with the Grease Fighting Power of Dawn during this late-night cycle means you can avoid waking up to unpleasant dishwashing surprises again.


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