Our Favorite Festive (and Eco-Friendly!) Wrapping Paper
'Tis the season for pretty packages. Yet most of the ribbon and wrapping paper ends up in the trash. Do your part for the planet with these beautiful, festive, eco-friendly options.
wrapping paper and twine
String Theory
Whisker Graphics Divine Twine is true to its name: Made from 100 percent cotton grown Stateside and wound around recycled-kraft-paper spools, the twine is biodegradable and compostable.

Root Cause

Rather than destroy a plant for paper, artisans in Nepal rely on the Lokta: Stripping the local shrub of its bark encourages new growth, and villagers transform the harvested fibers into this durable, handcrafted paper.

Second Coat

These monochromatic sheets were originally paint samples for eco-friendly paint company YOLO Colorhouse; Green Depot repurposed them as heavy-duty, glossy gift wrap.