Nate Berkus
He's been a furniture designer for 15 years, but it wasn't until 2005 that Robert Craymer became one of the leading eco-friendly designers in the United States. Nate talks with Robert about his contribution to the "green movement" and the role Americans can play in saving the environment.

In 2005, Robert was asked to create an eco-friendly lounge for a movie premiere—a request he says wasn't easy to fulfill. He says he had to research what "eco-friendly" meant and then search for sustainable, natural, recycled, organic and other "green" products. With a lot of effort, Robert says the lounge he created was a success and soon others in Hollywood wanted his help in creating more green spaces. It was then that he started his own sustainable furniture line, RC Green. "I am passionate about buying sustainable [and] creating an organic lifestyle for people," he says.

Robert says he wants to help educate people about the importance of living green through a yet-to-be-named TV show. He says the show will explore where our food, clothing and furniture really comes from, tracing everyday products back to their origins. "Ten years from now, when this is all over and [the green movement] is a way of life, when people ask 'How did this start?'…I'm hoping that my name gets mentioned," he says.
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