Nate and Daphne Oz
After three years of studying in a dorm room that resembles a white box, Daphne says she wants to do more with her living space. "Princeton has a notoriously beautiful campus—and it is a gorgeous dorm [on the outside]—but you get inside and it is not renovated," she says. "It is literally four white walls and you have a 10 by 10 square foot room to work with, to make your own."

While Daphne says she is too busy to put a lot of effort into decorating, Nate says she should take the time. "I think that when you spend that much time in a space, it really is worth it to take a little time and figure out what you can do that is inspirational to you and what is peaceful to you," he says. "I think that is what is missing in dorm rooms."

Nate shares some tips to help Daphne with her dorm room dilemma:

  • Find your style: Determine what colors you like and what inspires you. Daphne says she likes cool colors—blues and greens—and is inspired by her father's home country, Turkey. "I definitely have the Mediterranean influences from going to Turkey, and I always bring back artifacts from that area of the world to decorate with," she says.
  • Bring items from home: Instead of buying new stuff for your dorm, bring items from home that will make you feel comfortable. Nate says he brought a lamp, a framed picture and chest of drawers to college. Daphne says she brought her bed from home. "I brought my own bed to college—that was crucial, it really changed everything," she says.
  • Little touches: Buy fresh flowers from the supermarket or use a beautiful container to store your toothbrush—little touches can make a big difference, Nate says. "It is a present that you give yourself every day, and I think it is a really good thing," he says.