The 2014 Color of the Year (Plus Other Colorful Ideas)
This shade is bold, vibrant—and much easier to decorate with than you think. These rooms prove that a lush home is only a few brushstrokes (or throw pillows) away.
And the Winner Is...
Get ready! Pantone, the institute that selects shades for paint makers and tastemakers all over the world, has selected Radiant Orchid as the "it" color for 2014. Chosen for its appearances in spring runway shows and for its ability to wake up more commonly used colors like gray, taupe, beige and white, this lilac-kissed-by-fuchsia is eye-catching, yet not so bright that it's jarring. When paired with a rich plum, like this geometric carpet, and cool silver tones, the shade freshens up old-Hollywood glamour, making your MacBook Air look right at home next to a vintage tufted bench.