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One day may not seem like enough time to redecorate a room, but Nate believes a few small improvements can make a huge difference.

Is your sofa suffering from messy spills? Nate says a quick steam cleaning can make a stained sofa look new again. The cleaning machines can be rented from almost any home improvement store.

After cleaning Beatrice's couch, Nate adds an area rug to make the room feel warmer and bring the design together. The art above the couch looks nice, but it's too formal for a family room, he says. To make the space more cozy and comfortable, Nate replaces the paintings with hand-woven African baskets.

To complete the one-day redesign, Nate adds a coffee table from Crate & Barrel and accessories from around the house, like books, souvenirs from trips, and as always, something from nature.

As Nate demonstrates, it only takes a day to make huge improvements in your home!
FROM: Oprah's Pros Reveal Their Secrets
Published on January 01, 2006


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