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With only an hour to make Beatrice's family room beautiful, Nate starts by clearing out some of the clutter. The junk stored behind the couch has to go, and the water cooler is banished to the pantry.

Next, Nate decides to split up the sectional sofa to open up the space. With the clock ticking, Nate tosses Beatrice's pillows aside and replaces them with new designs.

"Pillows are actually an inexpensive and a really easy way to add color to a space," Nate says.

Another place to search for inexpensive d├ęcor is right in your own backyard! Nate heads to the park with Beatrice's children to find beautiful branches and other natural elements.

Nate's last-minute addition is new lighting for the family room. He says lamps can help transform any room with the flip of a switch!

"All lamps should be on dimmers," Nate says. "You can make it bright; you can tone it down for a romantic mood."

In just one hour, Nate has transformed the once cluttered living room into a clean and well-lit space!
FROM: Oprah's Pros Reveal Their Secrets
Published on January 01, 2006


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