Dorm Room Disasters
Peter Walsh
He's taken a big bite out of clutter in the Big Apple, and now Peter Walsh and his clutter crew are taking on a peach of a challenge in Atlanta!

With his clutter convoy in tow, Peter heads south after receiving a desperate e-mail from a concerned mother. Kathy's son Kevin shares a room at a Georgia Tech fraternity house with two other boys. "I've only been in his room once, and that was enough to know I don't want to go back," she writes. "There is no closet, and they do not have a trash can."

It's time for action. Peter and his clutter crew spring into action bright and early—at 6 a.m. "Whoa," a stunned frat brother says. "Could you guys come back?"

But the surprises don't end there—Peter's also brought the boys' moms! "It's worse than I remember," Kathy says.