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Between David's color choice and his new furniture arrangements, the girls' room looks magazine-ready—no small feat for a dorm room! "The colors are amazing," Ashley says.

Color is always an instant update that doesn't have to break the bank, David says. "[These are] $15 rugs. Two of them put together makes a huge statement," he says.

But those aren't David's favorite thing in the room. "The thing that is the most dramatic—and I think that is making the biggest impact—in the room is these fabric panels right over the doors," he says. "They're just on there, really simple and easy, some double-faced tape that you can easily remove at the end of the school year, take 'em with you and put 'em in your next dorm room."

In this room: area rugs, IKEA; lamps, IKEA; throws and comforters, IKEA; throw pillows, IKEA and Home Goods; ottoman, IKEA; placemats, IKEA; fabric for panels, IKEA; acrylic medium and large boxes, The Container Store; storage locker, The Container Store
FROM: Oprah's Clean Up Your Messy House Tour: Atlanta
Published on April 13, 2009


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