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Once Peter and his clutter bugs hit campus, the student body was abuzz about the messy house tour—including two roommates named Kali and Ashley. The girls posted a plea for help on YouTube, allowing the world to see the sorry state of their small dorm room.

Peter and his crew couldn't leave campus without giving these girls room to walk, so Peter tracks down Ashley in English class. After she gets a pass back to her messy dorm room, she and the clutter crew meet up with Kali and get to work. 

Surveying the explosion of clothes, books and old pop cans, Peter gives the roomies a few basic organizing principles to think about. "You have a lot of stuff, and there are two options—either I don't have enough room, or I have too much stuff," he says.

"We have too much stuff," Ashley says.

Peter says Kali and Ashley are also fighting a losing battle because they've let clutter take over flat surfaces like their desks. "Get the bins in here," Peter says. "Let's go."
FROM: Oprah's Clean Up Your Messy House Tour: Atlanta
Published on April 13, 2009


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