Clutter Free Home and Diet
Organizational expert Peter Walsh
Could the clutter in your home be making you fat? Organizational mastermind Peter Walsh says there's a definite connection between the clutter in your house and the clutter on your hips. In his new book, Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat? , Peter says if you clean up, you can trim down.

After years of helping people organize their homes, Peter says he started noticing that other problem areas in people's lives started to turn around. "People were contacting me … saying that, 'Suddenly I discovered that by clearing my space, I'm making much healthier food choices and I am starting to lose weight,'" he says.

Clutter and weight can be symptoms of an unresolved, underlying issue in your life. "Eating more and buying more is an attempt to fill the need for something more," he says. "Until you get those underlying issues dealt with, all the rest is a waste of time."