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Amber, a 38-year-old married mother of two, reached out to Peter for help decluttering her family's home and diet. "We are a family that needs to get in shape and get our act together," she says.

The biggest problem area in Amber's house is her kitchen. How bad is it? There's a treadmill in there! "I call it my shopping bag holder," she says. Amber says her basement, the kids' room and her office are also in desperate need of help. "It's such an overabundance of stuff that [we're] suffocating," she says.

Amber says her family's weight issues are heartbreaking. "My daughter came home from school one day and she was really upset. … She said that she had been teased at school about the fact that she was overweight," Amber says. "I mean, you eat out as much as we do, the weight just starts to pile on. We probably eat out at least once a day, and I'm thinking, 'My God, what example am I setting for my children?'"

Weight is truly a life-or-death issue for Amber. "A couple years ago, I lost a baby at six and a half months pregnant, and at the same time my kidneys completely shut down. My kidneys have about 10 percent functioning left. I'm awaiting a transplant," she says. "They want you to get in as best physical condition as you possibly can because it's a huge surgery."

Amber says she's determined to embrace a new way of living. "I've got to lose this weight. I have to get into a different lifestyle," she says. "I know I can do this, and I need to do it for my kids."
FROM: Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat? with Peter Walsh
Published on March 14, 2008


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