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With Peter's help, Amber returns to finish the "quick purge" of the clutter in her kitchen. "This stuff isn't going to make me happy. Our house has to be healthy," she says.

Once she and Peter have sorted through the utensils, cook books and dishes, Peter says it's time get rid of unhealthy foods. "For me, there are two kinds of foods here. There are 'yesterday' foods, and there are 'new me' foods," Peter says. "Yesterday foods go. Chocolate—chocolate's gone. Chocolate's a 'yesterday.' The 'new me' foods stay. Yogurt—great."

In less than two hours, Peter and Amber have finished purging the kitchen. But getting rid of unhealthy foods is just the first step—Peter says Amber needs to deal with the underlying issues in her life.

"Things have power, and so that's why we go to things hoping for some comfort. It's the same with food. Food has power," Peter says. "Many of us then go to the food, often inappropriate food choices. So you can talk as much as you want about the food, but unless you deal with [what's underneath], you will never, never get anywhere. If you focus on the stuff, you'll never declutter. And in my experience, if you focus on the food only, it's very tough to lose weight."
FROM: Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat? with Peter Walsh
Published on March 14, 2008