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Now, it's time for Peter and Amber to clear out the kitchen. Although the kitchen is the area of a home that nourishes a family, it's also the number one room that contributes to weight gain. "In a kitchen like this, the two most common meal choices are eating out and take out," Peter says. "You can't make healthy choices in a kitchen that looks like this."

Peter asks for Amber's vision of the room. "Clean, functional, organized," she says. The first step to achieving that goal is a quick purge. The first thing to go? The treadmill!

As they sort through cabinets and drawers, Amber begins to understand how all of her things are weighing her down. "This is making my life worse," she says. "Who needs 5,000 glass bowls? So it's like trimming the fat and getting rid of all the extra stuff that I'm not using."

But when it comes to the drawers and drawers of utensils, Amber hits a stumbling block. She tries to tell Peter she uses everything in front of her, but Peter isn't buying it. "There's no way you can use all this," Peter says. "This is an illusion."

Find out which utensils you really use at home.

When Peter accidentally breaks a spoon, Amber runs out of the room. "Don't break my stuff!" she says. "I want him out of here!"
FROM: Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat? with Peter Walsh
Published on March 14, 2008