Nate Berkus
Italian-born interior designer Alessandra Branca is well known for her mix-and-match style and trademark "classic design-with-a-twist" philosophy. Nate talks with Alessandra about a few things anyone can do to create one-of-a-kind interior design style.

  • Find your own style. "You should go back into your history and try to remember the things that made you happy and try to bring those into your home," Alessandra says.
  • Educate yourself. "Read, go to museums," she says. "Then put the books down, walk away and go to town! Have fun!"
  • Go junking. "I love going to resale stores and finding old furniture," she says.
  • Buy what you love. "If you buy something now that you love, it will fit into your life, and if you instead follow [trends]—these trends are [just] for manufacturers," she says.
  • Put your own twist on design. "[My] effort is to change [design] all the time by taking old things and making them new and then taking new things and making them unique by putting antique textiles and vintage textiles on them," she says.
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