Create a Recessed Ceiling with Paint
Paint the walls of your room something other than white. How about pink? Then choose three main colors for the ceiling.

For each main color, choose a darker color that will act as a shadow and a lighter color.

Following the edge of your ceiling, tape off and paint three 5" stripes of each main color. Leave about one inch in between each color.
Determine the origin of your light source (such as a window).

Along one edge going away from the window and on the opposite edge from the light source, paint each one-inch stripe with its corresponding lighter shade.

Along the wall of the source and the other wall, paint each one-inch stripe with the darkest color. This is the shadow.
This is the ceiling before...
... look at it after!

"It's unbelievable how [the new ceiling] tricks the eye into thinking it's higher!" Debbie says.