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Janet and Charlton say Peter's help has transformed their lives. "We knew we weren't happy," Janet says. "We knew it was something, but what?"

Now, Janet and Charlton have stopped hiding their home and started entertaining again. "We've had friends over several nights in a row for drinks because we can. So that's incredible," Janet says.

Peter's philosophies have even carried into different aspect of Charlton's life. He says he even decluttered his appearance by shaving his beard and cutting his ponytail! Charlton's also organized his work life. "I've cleaned out my office at school and it's going go even further," he says. "I teach theater so the prop room is next and we're going to purge all the stuff there, and I've been sharing it with everyone that I can talk to."

Although their home is clean and tidy now, Charlton says he fears things could go back to the way they were. "It's a big fear, and I won't live like that again," he says.
FROM: This Is the Year to De-Clutter Your Life
Published on January 01, 2006


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