Celia Tejada's private home theater.

Celia Tejada is the creative force behind Pottery Barn. While her sense of style is elegant, eclectic and completely unexpected, her design philosophy is simple. She says to keep it casual, comfortable and stylish.

This is where her family gets together—on a big day bed with lots of pillows—to watch movies in their private home theatre.
Celia has plenty of room to entertain a child's imagination.

Kid Friendly
Celia transformed her 100-year old Victorian house into her dream home and playhouse for her kids. They have an arts and crafts space large enough to unroll yards of paper for painting!
Celia Tejada included a chalkboard wall in her kids' bedroom.

Chalkboard Crazy
You can find chalkboards strategically placed throughout Celia's house but she says no child's room should be without one!
Celia Tejada couldn't live without her chef's table.

Her kitchen is small but very efficient. Celia says the one thing she couldn't live without is this chef's table. "We use it for preparation and occasionally we use it for dining together."
Pictures of family, friends and trips on the Memory Wall.

Memory Wall
Personal treasures are the most important elements in Celia Tejada's house. The focus of the living room is the "Memory Wall" displaying pictures of friends, family and vacations.
Celia Tejada's master bedroom.

The Basics
Celia believes great design begins with great basics. Thick white cotton towels in her bathroom...
An elegant dinner table set in white china.

Dining Room
...and great white dinnerware in her dining room. And when Celia's ready for a big change, she says a little touch is all it takes. For instance, a red-striped runner, red water glasses and red salt-and-pepper shakers will add a welcome splash of color!
Celia Tejada's basic white dream room.

Dream Room
Celia calls this bedroom the dream room. Again, all in white, Celia says, "It's quiet and peaceful."

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