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Before the transformation can begin, Kari, Dave, Ty, Lily, Izzy and Jade give Nate a tour of their house. The first stop is the main living area, which is too small and cramped for the family of six. Since they live in the rainy Seattle area, Kari says the kids have to spend a lot of time inside. "We don't have a place where everybody can sit and face each other," Dave says.

When it's time for Kari to prepare meals for her family, the kitchen's setup leaves an awkward space for her to work in. "It doesn't work very well. I'd love a kitchen eating area," she says.

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When the tour is complete, Nate tells the family to pack their bags! For two weeks, the family will live in a furnished apartment. And, Nate has some very specific instructions—no driving by their house until it's finished!

With the family safely tucked away, it's time for Nate to get to work. "I promise I'll do a great job for you," he says.
FROM: Nate Builds a Dream House
Published on June 24, 2009


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