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Nate was so touched by the Hale-Jo family's story, he decided to make their dreams come true with a complete home makeover! "One of the things that really touched me was in the e-mail that Kari sent to the show, she wrote, and the line will stay with me for a long time, 'When we bought this house, we were planning on redoing this house from top to bottom, but now we're redoing the lives of these three beautiful children,'" Nate says.

In order to keep the exciting news a surprise, Oprah Show producers told the Hale-Jos a little white lie—that they weren't chosen for a home makeover. Instead, producers sent the family on a small shopping trip to Pottery Barn as a consolation prize. What they didn't know is that while they were picking out new furniture, Nate was waiting in the wings!

When Nate told them the real news about their home makeover, they were ecstatic. "Oh my God!" Dave says.
FROM: Nate Builds a Dream House
Published on June 24, 2009


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