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After running out of space on the first floor, Nate raised the roof...literally. Then, he devoted the entire second floor to Kari and Dave's master suite.

At the top of the new staircase, Nate created a landing, complete with a plush chair and beautiful candles. "[You can] just kind of relax and read a book in sunlight," Nate says. "I really wanted to give you guys a space so you could have a place to yourselves."

Before, their bedroom was dark and cramped. Now, it's open, airy and filled with natural sunlight. The mismatched furniture has been replaced by a leather ottoman, a beige Pottery Barn sofa and bed. "[It] is simple, classic, beautiful," Nate says. "I really wanted you guys to have a complete retreat."

Mission accomplished, Nate. "I feel like I'm in another world," Kari says. "Oh, my."

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The surprises don't stop there. Through another set of doors, Kari and Dave discover their own private spa. This luxurious bathroom has his-and-her sinks and a bathtub big enough for the entire family.

Since moving back into their renovated space, Kari says she's learned to appreciate her retreat. "When I walk up the stairs, I can feel myself transforming," she says.
FROM: Nate Builds a Dream House
Published on June 24, 2009